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Fidget Cube By Christmas ever see you again Took a deep breath, I took a big step, but suddenly a burst of intense air oncoming fidget cube by christmas A black luxury lengthened car, and gorgeous dragon wagging tail in front of me Car windows are black glass, do not see who is inside. The window of the car gradually shaking down, a pair of completely shaded the whole face of the sunglasses jumped into my eyes. Little Ling, do not come unharmed fidget cube by christmas A deep and optimistic sound into my ears Jiang grandfather. Looked off the sunglasses off the station in front of me this old man, I resisted the psychological surprise, respectfully bent over. Jiang grandfather shook the head of the watermelon Taro hair, eyes swept over my hand the big bag, pretending to be surprised to temperature, is not fidget cube by christmas there to travel Grandpa looked kind of river, my heart is a burst of trembling slightly, why, we all come to me Even grandfather has come, he and just like the wind, but also fidget cube by christmas to persuade me not to go But my heart s decision has been very strong, and I firmly looked fidget cube by christmas up at Grandpa, very sure to tell my grandfather Grandpa Jiang, fidget cube kickstarter purchase I want to leave YSL, do not know when to come back, the neck and wrist, took a deep breath, ready to meet the thrilling, extraordinary day Seven thirty When my eyes fell on the bus station that huge wall clock, my mouth hung like lead hung down, involuntary twitch two Woo started Less than thirty minutes from class According to my experience, the so called bad God, that is, the more critical to the more you decline badly Kaka Sure enough, I expected In my busy daze in just a few seconds, stopped not far from fifteen minutes have a group of bus, is slowly closing it gloat door Ah do not Warning friends you, at this time, shouting is useless The only way is I Xinyi Heng, suddenly put the hands of the umbrella into the bus door Reminder Do not imitate this first aid method. Facts have proved that this is the beginning to the infinite decline of the deep X I like the brave arm Astro Boy, as in the air to draw a vigorous arc. Hey I put the umbrella in the hands of a universal hook to the door, forced to jump on the car When No is not it Bus door actually jump off in that moment I suddenly closed My face heavily hit the door.

n We see Jiang Youchen will be so hard, so positive. And I, I m just a modest wall of flowers, I can not do what everyone gathered from the eye. Ha ha I lowered my head in frustration and turned slowly Cai Ling, give it. Suddenly a voice sounded from the door, I looked up in surprise. Actually is An Yufeng Do not be so embarrassed yourself, give it. Anyu wind face some decadent, fidget cube by christmas is no longer the usual cold, at the moment his tone is full of tenderness and distressed. He took the shovel to the Egyptian army An Yufeng Grievances and sadness suddenly drowned my heart, I suddenly felt hot eyes, and I blinked hard, looked up at him, I can not give up. Why do you have to do so hard He is not worth you, he did not come to help you fidget cube Black White An Yufeng tone suddenly changed, become a little angry, he increased the intensity on my shoulders, I went to Anna and said, you do not have to PK with her. Do not fidget cube by christmas I rushed over to stop the turn to go to the safety of the wind, I will not give up. Anyu wind, if you can not support me, then wait to see my success. You really want to continue An Yufeng eyes, but there are punitive Oh Yu Ying excitedly raised the apple. Rolling to the flower of the carrot articles Yu Ying suddenly jumped from my side next to Jiangyou Chen, and then spit on my tongue, secretly made a V gesture. I watched Yu Ying sitting next to the start of the cold sweat Kuangbang Jiangyou Chen, down a suction air conditioning. How to do But is too late. Qi wing excitedly raised the apple, and then into the Jiang Youchen head and neck in the middle. Everyone thought to pass to begin, Yu Ying turned his head and pulled out from the pocket side of the palm so much a small mirror. Uh Is the game also need to use the mirror props do When everyone puzzled, Yu Ying shy to lift the mirror, when the window management Yunbin, start the left according to according to the left according to according to the right Almost all the collective fainted A full two minutes before she put away the mirror, turned to meet. I was shocked in the eyes of Yu Ying Jiang Youchen see the shadow, saw her eyes flashing infinite light inside, the head is even more numerous flowers in t.expectedly, Qi Yi was Datailielie took Yin to the words of Yuan, Yaotouhuangnao to say, and his red hair as the same sex, uninhibited. bet I was eavesdropping surprised, immediately opened his eyes In order to escape to the family gathering performances, even Cai Ling as a bet, who can catch her who will be able to shell out, now think of it is really sorry Cai Ling it. Yan Yuan fidget cube by christmas s glasses a bit anti light, It seems that some regret not the beginning This is the original Four families each year, a family gathering, each party must find four ministers in a performance program. The four guys feel that the show is too naive, and no one is willing to undermine the image of his handsome guy, even as a bet punishment , playing the pursuit of the game Teng Teng Teng My heart raised a mass of unnamed fire, which I thoroughly understand Four ministers, you even put me as a bet You guys waiting for the four bar, ha ha I must reported hatred 4 Princess come out now Princess where are you Cai Ling Gradually dark up the weather, the ceremony was about to hit the bar The original of this time, I should be holding J.

Fidget Cube By Christmas e I can not help but back a few steps. After going out to remember to inform us, not a person casually go out.This is very fidget cube by christmas dangerous. Has not yet come out from the shadow of Yan Yan s deterrence, Yin and slowly began to speak. He was as calm and calm as ever, but with a strong word, You are very worried about your safety Yan Diyuan s voice had just fallen, three ministers invariably sideways sideways, with the same contempt for the eyes of my hostile scan of a glance, but also to the Jiangyou Chen cast to the concern of concern, it seems I was a hindrance Like an outsider Look at them three, and look at his face with wounds Jiangyou Chen, a burst of sadness in my heart, could not help but lowered his head, his head burst of chaos. Well, the weather is not late, I sent Cai Ling home. No, fidget cube by christmas you should hurry home, deal with the wound Yin Di Yuan quickly stepped forward, blocking me and Jiang Youchen in the middle. But Jiang Youchen looked at me, the tone was full of worry. Yau, his wife there are important things waiting for you, you still do not let her wait too long better. Yin and Yuan neatly said a mo., white was too transparent to get the skin to water and just after my side quietly speak the familiar voice, this is not It s Barbie Princess Anna Princess Anna is fidget cube by christmas back, she is so beautiful The audience, such as the wave of cheers, immediately drowned my screams. Always cold girls rely on a high British boys, even as the festive cheers with fidget cube by christmas the emergence of Anna. Students, in this game is about to close, we ushered in an important guest, let us use the most enthusiastic applause welcome Barbie Princess Anna Lin Zihao seize the opportunity to shout to the microphone, The audience immediately echoed the sound official fidget cube of the overwhelming applause. Anna back toward the audience of the crowd naughty to blink, this time can be incredible, the audience of the British boys almost crazy, and resorted to the palm of your hand to shake the body ringing sound Thank you, thank you for so long has not seen also has been concerned about me Anna went to the podium, waving the following, Now, I finally came back Oh Barbie Princess back The level of excitement of the fidget cube by christmas British boys are not lost to the National.

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