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Fidget Cube Toy rd does not know I rubbed his eyes and then carefully read it again, yes ah The door of the glittering British male high four characters, my eyes were so raw Section 28 Gan Yuju Story 2 I am puzzled at the time, suddenly, the door of the outbreak of a burst of high school girls screaming for a while Support Qi wing, support Qi wing The best is Yuan Yuan, the most handsome is Yuan Yuan Ah I see These girls are to pilgrimage in their hearts the prince Open the door Let me see my family Uh my family actually there are those handsome guy who screamed as my home , good nauseating I feel the body immediately shed a layer of goose bumps, but not too slow to cross God, and immediately emerge layer Our gift to the our princes like trees, like nature, we give him There are gifts I m so happy I followed the sound looked back. Two Dongfeng heavy trucks came from a distance, parked in the middle of the whole street, the car jumped seven or eight brawny, began to move down from the truck pot. In a short while, the streets have been replaced on both sides of the new potted plants. Kh.boss, I am willing to follow you all fidget cube toy your life, as long as you tell me hum Yu Ying see hard not to resort to the poor installation moves. What do you want me to say I really do not know what ah I resorted to the whole body hard to put their own right to righting, and hands tightly grasp the hands of Yu Ying. Section 16 Story of Purple Water Lily 12 What You actually also so perfunctory me Yu Ying has become excited, once again I shook the edge of the terrace, I staggered standing on the edge of the terrace, my heart bursts of cold But Yu Ying Yu Ying I am really do not know I am trembling talking, eyes pouting from time to time fear of fidget cube toy high heart can not Resistant in the struggle. Yu Ling, you do not tell me, I jumped Yu fidget cube toy Ying force me a pull, dragged fidget cube toy her behind, and then a stride wind to the edge of the terrace I looked as if to jump down Yu Ying, his feet began to tremble. Leng Leng looked at her eyes, stupid where a full five seconds. Although the second floor, jumping also painful

Ah, yes, just Jiang Jiangmu fidget cube Black Green also told the housekeeper said he also went to interview the scene Well, now the situation is Jiang a person did not I I fidget cube toy ll send you to the hospital No, now can not care so much, only me Mother sent to the river to the hospital Thought of here, apart from fidget cube toy anything else, I said Jiang mother would go downstairs, Jiang mother Lengle Leng, then Ming White I mean, but she has no pain in a little effort, where there is strength to walk I I come back to you I wound, hard to hold Jiang s mother s hand, we should go to their shoulders On the back Do not need Jiang mother weak voice fidget cube toy does not have any effect on me, I disregard her anti Yes, he just put her back to the back. I rushed her back to the gate, in order to save time, I ran fast, the result consumed a lot Of the physical, such as pushing the black door, I have been able to even gas are breathless. I try to stabilize their soft feet, carefully guarding the back of the river mother. Damn Do not be Fell, and had known about the usual exercise on the body Cai Ling, called the car Jiang mother.o I I How to do. How to do. I think I still hurry to escape it, otherwise it will be An Yufeng to bite the dead But but the bedroom door on the right, escape the road was An Yufeng to block the wearer The windows are closed too tightly, and I have no time to open the window, must have been caught by him woo woo woo woo Dead dead It seems that I have reached the deadline Cai Ling I look desperate to look at the closer force An Yufeng, the body unconsciously to the back Back Back Bang Woo finished I have retreated to the wall next to the wooden shelf, no retreat back Ah Beware Before I react, An Yu wind suddenly a stride rushed to, suddenly I dragged him to the direction of a I am a center of gravity instability, they threw himself in the ground, fell fidget cube shop a dog eat shit Bang pop Quiet quiet Wow Good good heavy what. I just heard what the sound broke I opened my eyes trembling Section 39 The Story of Ganzi Ju 13 Ann Yu wind He was actually flutter in me, head down Leng Leng looked at me Ah satyr I screamed, waving his hand against his face is a punch Wow An.e Phantom combination And the white team seems to be the name of the combination of echoes, or just a sharp white spotlight, suddenly turned into a dark purple. what The sound of several screams from the audience made me startled. I suddenly turned and saw Pei An even took off the purple fidget cube (Green Black) shawl, exposing a dynamic purple skirt I saw Pei Anan and another girl holding hands, both walked the pace of light, toward the center of the stage came. Cheerful music sounded, the two girls exposed a glamorous look, suddenly throw off the shoulder, relative to make a very beautiful jumping action, the hands of the ribbon also call out to fly to the air Rotation, jumping, my eyes closed Snow, summer night, I do not stop Flap Flap Charm Purple Phantom National St. first Charm Purple Phantom to the red and white song will bring a unique opening of the heat, the country s girls desperately shouting, and the British fidget cube toy boys actually stood up from the back, clap your hands kept applauding Nevertheless, but I was not nervous, because we have a secret British weapons, that is Then there s the English double combinatio.

Fidget Cube Toy to interrupt him, I, why do I do Why Hear me, An Yu wind suddenly pulled up the three tone, surprised to see the aliens like, Hey Sissy, you are not a British student ah Yes Yes I answered in a trembling fidget cube toy voice. Then you ask me this question The English people who do not scramble to do something for me I give you this opportunity, but But I I I bowed wronged his head, head down and fiddle with your fingers. An Yu wind around the arm, dissatisfied with the side of the eye looked at me. I have a bath, there will be down to business to do it Well, I do not care about you brush An Yufeng voice faded, a white soft things fall from the sky, fell on my head Section 38 The Story of Ganzi Ju 12 Woo What is it I was surprised to reach for a pull, a closer look is actually the white body fidget cube toy Anyu wind shirt Uh and so on An Yu wind body white shirt in my hand, he now I looked up and looked forward to look fidget cube toy A Ah ah ah A second later, the room sounded my mournful screams. You What are you ah An Yu wind impatiently clutching his ears yelled at me, quickly sh.ntory is completed, all in Report Grade 1 Class 2 The number of people is finished All in Report Year one class Counting Counting Missing Missing Yu fidget cube toy Ying, she does not matter, how not to The two girls leaning on the side of the ship, one of some worry about looking at another asked. In accordance with past experience called Ying Ying girl a little pondered a moment, very painful to say, I see fierce and less Woo Maria sounded fidget cube toy the last whistle. sail Wind wind Wow yeah yeah Yellow taxi like lightning, along with my screams on the road to speed at full speed The strong wind outside the window to blow me faint I doom to support big eyes panic in front of the window Suddenly, a touch of elegant blue jumped into my eyes in that group in the middle of the elegant blue, a beautiful orchid is in full bloom Is the banner The flag of the country saints high Ah the driver uncle In front In front I see I am excited to jump up from the seat up Bang bang, my head immediately appeared on the second Hill. Well, I know Uncle driver teeth, looked nervously nodded. I saw the white.

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